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Jul 16

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Crazy late with posting these, had some phone issues and lost a lot of pictures – but here are a few pictures from this year’s Blade Show in Atlanta, GA.

Les George's SM-100 VECP.

Les George – SM-100 VECP.


Doug Stice SM-100 fixed blade.

Doug Stice’s awesome SM-100 fixed blade.


White River SM-100 fillet knife.

White River SM-100 fillet knife – a real beauty!

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May 29

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So I talked Duane into sending me a picture of what he has in process so far for Blade, here is a shot of some of the fixed blades and the bar stock that will be available, hopefully folders will make it to the show as well.  Can’t wait to see you all in Atlanta!

Strider's SM-100 Blade WIP


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May 03

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How did Les George get his grubby hands on SM-100??  Can’t wait to see his creations!

Les was instrumental in lining up low-mu (non-magnetic) testing for SM-100 to see if it would pass the military’s stringent tests – and did it ever pass!  The maximum deviation from the Earth’s pull is only allowed to be 5 gamma – SM-100 came in at 0.02!!  This opens up an entire new world to us in the form of ordnance tools.  Thanks Les!!  We’re truly looking forward to working more with you.

Stop in and see him at Blade Show, Table #19C.

Les George's SM-100 sheet

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