SM-100 plate on the way to Strider Knives!!

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This picture is the first batch of SM-100 plate made since we froze our manufacturing practices.  Strider has worked with countless pieces from us, but this batch was Strider Knives SM-100 plate materialspecial to us because we consider it the first ‘production’ run of SM-100 and we’re proud that it went to Strider Knives!

You’ll have to ask Duane and the gang what knives they plan to make out of this sheet, but we’re certain they will be phenomenal tools as usual.

It felt great to move up from shipping single pounds of sheet to tens of pounds of sheet at a time to shipping hundreds of pounds at a time – thousands of pounds is right around the corner!

There were some other choice words written on the plate which I personally found amusing, but we thought it might be more appropriate to take the picture before they appeared.


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