We pride ourselves in helpling our customers find optimum materials and processing steps to optimize their profits.

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Summit Materials is a dynamic, fast moving company whose primary focus is to provide innovative solutions to our customer’s needs. Sometimes that means developing a manufacturing process to bring a project into the original budget or inventing a new alloy that allows your product to take over the market.

As we’ve evolved over the years, two main business pillars have emerged as our foundation:

  • With properties historically viewed as being mutually exclusive, SM-100™ is immune to corrosion while maintaining impressive wear and erosion properties, all while being ultra elastic, non-magnetic, and 18% lighter than steel.  You can call on it when you’ve run out of options and can’t afford a failure. It is routinely used in situations where there is a combination of corrosion and wear issues.
  • Our Shaped Hot Isostatic Pressed Process (SHIP2) provides a means for creating complex geometries with wrought-processed properties at typical savings of 30%. We provide an attractive alternative to creating wasteful machining chips by vastly improving buy-to-fly ratios.

We’ve worked on projects ranging from golf clubs to the space station and everything in between, so please don’t hesitate to call on us to be part of your team for your next project.

Note that SM-100, Dama-Ti, and SHIP2 are Summit Materials, LLC trademarks.

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