60 NiTiNOL

SM-100 is Summit Materials' patented and trademarked varient of 60 NiTiNOL.

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Call it what you will, 60 NiTiNOL, 60 NiTi, NiTiNOL 60 or any other nitinol permutation you can conjure up.  Bottom line is that if you’re looking for 60 NiTiNOL you’ve come to the right place.

60 NiTiNOL has a nasty reputation (fairly given we might add) of being extremely difficult to process, and thus it is often overlooked as a viable material solution – until now.  Summit Materials has spent several years optimizing the chemistry and processing of NiTiNOL 60 to a point where it is available for commercial sale under our SM-100™ trade name by using our patented processing routes.

In a nut shell, when properly processed, NiTiNOL 60 is a light weight non-magnetic alloy that is corrosion proof (as termed by NASA) with equally impressive wear and erosion properties – all while being able to absorb shock loads an order of magnitude higher than the best currently available materials.

Applications for 60 NiTiNOL range from knives and bearings to much more exotic projects that we’re not at liberty to discuss.

So please visit our SM-100 page for more details or drop us a line to learn how SM-100 (or NiTiNOL 60 if you prefer) can give you a competitive advantage.

60 NiTiNOL Microstructure

Summit’s patented process to create a super-fine 60 NiTiNOL microstructure is a key to successful processing and optimal material properties.

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